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When women support women, we can together fill leadership positions and occupy executive suites.


The first woman-to-woman professional community in advertising.

Meet Fellow, a platform that provides women the tools needed to meet relatable mentors, rise within their agency walls and elevate their careers beyond them. By leveraging our collective knowledge, we can help one another overcome the issues and obstacles faced by women in this industry.


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The tools to rise.
And return the favor.

Only 54% of women report having access to relatable mentors in their respective field. In an industry as historically dominated by men as advertising, having individuals to fill that role for future female leaders is critical. Now is the time to reach down and lend a hand, to be the person you needed when you were younger.


Fostering meaningful connection

There is no shortage of networking platforms available to professionals and yet women are still failing to leverage effective personal relationships in their career. Fellow provides the intimacy of one-on-one connections and uses a range of topics from ‘Motherhood’ to ‘Diversity/Inclusion’ when filtering the community. Studies show that 65% of women who have been mentored go on to become mentors to others, so let’s create a cycle of support, foster meaningful connections and if we’re lucky, change a few lives.  

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For advertising professionals, by advertising professionals.


Let’s be honest, this business – is unlike any other. Women experience hurdles and challenges in the advertising industry that simply can’t be understood and overcome unless experienced personally. Restricting our platform keeps our community tight knit and our leaders active and engaged.

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Embrace the future
(after all, it is female).

The word Fellow has been associated with the old boys’ clubs, cigar rooms and educational communities that have historically excluded women. Naming this app and related community “Fellow” was intentionally done to look to the future and let women do what men have been doing for centuries; helping one another, hiring one another, and taking care of their own.


Thank you everyone who participated in the beta.
We’re launching November 7th in partnership with The 3% Conference.

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Join us.

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