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What is Fellow?
Fellow is a professional community for women in advertising. We believe that the next generation of female leaders needs to be armed with more knowledge than just what’s available at their own agency. We help expand their network to deliver the hard-earned knowledge of their peers.

I would like my agency to be part of your beta phase
Great! We’re looking for passionate individual and agency participants to help provide feedback on the platform and inform future builds. As standard for a beta phase, Fellow is currently compatible with iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR.

Why should agencies join Fellow?
The Fellow community provides women the support needed to succeed by connecting them with more relatable mentors regardless of the number they have access to currently. Additionally, Fellow provides the opportunity to make an immediate and lasting impact on the career of an employee. Most importantly, however, Fellow allows agencies to do more than talk about gender equality – it gives them a path of action towards it.

Why isn’t Fellow free?
We believe that the burden of cost should fall on the party most able to bear it, the employer. Income allows us to build a high quality app, and agency involvement ensures a high quality community. When it comes to issues of a woman’s career, we want to make sure all our users are engaged and invested in being there.

Can I sign up if I’m currently unemployed?
Yes! Just reach out to us at and we’ll provide an access code for you to use until you’re back on your feet. Although, we do ask you don’t use the community for solicitation.

Can I sign up if I’m a freelancer?
Yes, we provide a small yearly rate for freelancers.

What if I’m still in ad school?
Yes, student memberships are free. Just send us a note and we’ll be happy to provide you an access code. Like we mentioned above, please only use the community for their knowledge and not for solicitation.

If this is a business with the goal of helping women, why is there a man on your founding team?
Fellow is singularly aimed at helping women become more successful, and nothing else. In the process towards that goal, male allies were involved. Such allies are no longer nice to have, they are a necessity. Many people were instrumental in the development of this product, and they all contributed with wholehearted pursuit of our mission.

Who else can I thank for this product?
We’ve had so much help along the way. Here are some amazing people and organizations that made this happen: Venables Bell & Partners, our developer Artisan, digital producer Jeff Macke, UX designer Genebie Cruz.

What if I have feedback, questions or am interested in joining?
Have a question this FAQ doesn’t cover or want to get in touch for press inquiries? You can reach out to our Founder, Aisha, directly at If you have business inquiries, you can reach out to Christoph at

Community Guidlines

  • Matters discussed on Fellow are always expected to be private. Please don’t share any conversations, details or names with anyone.

  • We ask that you don’t use Fellow as an avenue for job solicitation. We aim to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and a foundation of support. Should you develop a friendship with a community member that ultimately leads to a job, of course that’s welcomed.

  • Our industry is small, please respect your community members and treat them the way you would like to be treated. You never know where you might meet again.

  • Please don’t abuse any connections you make on Fellow or use the platform for self-promotion and/or personal branding. Never use a community members contact information to send them uncomfortable inquiries or spam.

  • We always have the right to remove you from our community. Please keep these guidelines in mind when you are talking with Fellow women. We will remove members who refuse to follow these guidelines.