Lovely to meet you.


Aisha Hakim
Founder, Creative Director

Having over 30 years of experience being a woman, Aisha used her unique perspective and experience to create Fellow. Aisha has been named as one of The One Show + 3% Conference’s Next Creative Leaders, as well as Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative Women in Advertising and someday hopes to be recognized without her gender being a key factor. She is currently a full-time Senior Art Director at Venables Bell+Partners in San Francisco.


Christoph von Ruexleben
Founder, Head of Business Development

The son of a strong single mother, Christoph spent 4.5 years leading new business at Venables Bell & Partners. While on the front lines with consultants and clients, he recognized that agencies across the industry need to take collective action to support the development of female talent. Christoph leads Business Development at Fellow, helping to set the strategic vision for growth. Beyond advertising, he spends his time working on Road Dialogues - a project focused on telling the stories of interesting individuals in the developing world.


Kate Jeffers
Fellow COO/VB&P Partner

A fifteen-year veteran of VB&P, Kate has played a pivotal role in its growth and success. As Partner and Managing Director, Kate currently oversees all operations and divisions of the agency, including integrated production, branded entertainment, Hispanic and cause marketing. As the agency’s female owner, Kate is committed to supporting the growth of women in the agency and in the industry; and, bluntly honest about how far we still have to go. Kate is a proud member of TimesUp! and She Runs It, and honored to represent VB&P on behalf of Fellow and to oversee its development.


Genebie Cruz
UX Designer

Having experienced the challenges of a mid-career change, Genebie knew first-hand the importance of mentors whose help can foster growth both professionally and personally. The very reason behind Fellow is why she jumped on the opportunity to be part of the team. As a former Accountant, she thrived in simplifying mathematical and business jargon to her colleagues and this mindset translates over to her design principles of creating products that are understandable, unobtrusive and user-friendly.


VB&P is an honest, fearless, independent advertising agency headquartered in San Francisco. We’re honored to be the majority owner and sole financial backer of Fellow, and to support Aisha and Christoph in bringing their vision to life. We strongly believe that women will rise when given access to other women for support, mentorship and advice, and that agencies need to break out of their own walls and tackle this together.